About Us


Who we are



Founded by Mr Atul Tikone in 2000, Veejaya Group was established Pune Maharashtra.

Our range of electroplating plant and related processes enable us to provide a wide range of services from pre-production samples to full volume production conforming to O.E.M, national and international standards.

As one of the cPune's leading suppliers of electroplating services our team our here to help. We have decades of experience delivering electroplating services and as a result we can accommodate a wide range of requirements for many different industries. Two of the main industries that we work with are the Industrial & Interior.

Founder & Owner Mr Atul Tikone performing decorative work such as plating Architectural & Interior home decor items and polishing statues. This experience provided the foundation for what would become a long, successful career in the metal finishing industry.

While we're certainly proud of our long, successful history as surface treatment experts, we're also excited about what the future holds. As part of our transition from a traditional plating shop to a specialty metal solutions and surface treatment provider, we're currently investing more in acquisitions, facility upgrades and technical updates. We're not expecting trailer loads of products for service. Instead our focus will continue to be on low frequency and smaller scale in an effort to perform higher value-add, higher caliber employee driven work that competing metal finish companies cannot match.

We are Veejaya Group

Our Mission

The mission of Veejaya Group is to effectively apply high-quality Electroplating & Coatings to a wide range of materials to meet the demands of our Interior and industrial customers.

Our Vision

To provide expertise in metal and non metal finishing solution by electroplating & coating services at reasonable price through an integration of Man, Machine, Method, Medium & Management for Industrial, Interior Applications and many more.

Our History

Started on 2000 in Pune, India. Primarily focused on providing metal finishing services & Zink plating. Eventually we started other service processes like powder coating, gold plating, polishing, buffing, interior and articles services to most of the industries

Our Journey


Started with specializing in Zink plating in colors yellow, blue, black & Zink Cold Galvanizing.
Team Size: 4


In addition to Zink plating we have added nickel chrome plating and buffing, ABS plating, Tin Plating.
Team Size: 8


Added black iodizing, Anodizing , Electro polishing, name plates , Buffing Mirror , Mat, & Crash Finish, Phosphate (zinc & manganese)
Team Size: 25


In addition to our earlier serverices we started Hard Chrome, satin Chrome, Glass Bed Blasting, laser Marking, Electroless Nickel (E.N.P), Dull Nickel Plating (All Metal), with 15 workers.
Team Size: 40


We started Powder Coating of all materials(metal) and provide services in Interior decorated Products.All Metal & Non Metal Gold, Silver , Brass, Copper( Antique), wood, Acrylic , Stone, Marble, Leaf, Fiber, Plastic & Gold Name Plating, Silver Name Plate All Types Of Statue
Team Size: 55

Our Services

Metal Finishing
  •   Polishing
  •   Buffing
  •   Gold Plating
  •   Rose Gold Plating
  •   Silver Plating
  •   Copper Plating
  •   Brass Plating
  •   Tin Plating
  •   Crome Plating
  •   Zinc Plating
  •   Powder Coating
  •   Spray Coating
  •   PU Coating
  •   DUCO Coating
  •   Electrodeposited nickel (bright nickel)
  •   Electroless nickel
  •   Rhodium
  •   Alocrom 1000
  •   Natural anodising
  •   Coloured anodising
  •   Hard anodising

Our Key Differentiator

World-class Technology

We are using world-class technology for plating

Quality Assurance

We are having quality process for each of our process which assures the best quality of plating

Trained Workforce

We provide best training to our team so they will gives the best result

Client Relationship

For us client is on the top priority and we value the relationship with them

Industries We served

  •   Scooter
  •   Custom Bike
  •   Yachts
  •   Aircraft
  •   Custom
  •   Jaali
  •   Tables
  •   Chairs
  •   Partitions
  •   Decorative Items
Industrial Application
  •   Contact Pins
  •   Probes
  •   Plates
  •   Sensors
  •   Aerospace
  •   Fastners
  •   Press parts
  •   Rings
  •   Bangles
  •   Necklaces
  •   Watches
  •   Earrings
  •   Household
  •   Bathroom
  •   Kitchen
  •   Radiators
  •   Showroom
Our Customers
  •   Industrial Companies
  •   Architects
  •   Interior Designers
  •   Engineering
  •   Carpenters
  •   Automobile
  •   Mechanical
  •   Electrical
  •   General engineering